Spalding 54” (68395W) NBA Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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Basketball hoops are the best source of family entertainment. Once you buy a hoop, you are surely going to use it for a very long time. Therefore, you should choose the right product for your backyard or driveway.

 Best Spalding 54” (68395W) NBA Portable Basketball Hoop:

Have you no time to read through the whole article and require just the answer? Then I suggest that you should buy the Spalding 68395W NBA Portable Basketball hoop. It is one of the best products that provide long-term service without requiring any maintenance. It is a Portable Basketball Hoop with a 54 Inch Polycarbonate Backboard. The price of this hoop is also lower than other hoops of such quality.

Spalding 54” (68395W) NBA Portable Basketball Hoop Review


In this article, I will be discussing the  Spalding 54” (68395W) Portable Basketball Hoop and provide an unbiased review on whether you should buy it or not.

Spalding is the biggest manufacturer of basketball hoops and other accessories in the whole industry. Their wide range of products is well-known for providing the most realistic NBA experience. These hoops are mostly installed on grounds or gyms. But now, with the portable series, you can have an in-ground-like experience right in your house.

Do you want to know how did I make this recommendation?

Continue reading this article as it will increase your knowledge about future basketball hoop purchases.

Qualities of the Spalding 68395W Portable Basketball Hoop:

There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying a basketball hoop. These standards ensure that you get the best NBA experience everywhere. Here are the grounds on which this product was selected:


Durability is the main factor that determines the success or failure of any basketball hoop. The durability of a hoop depends on many factors such as material, design, fitting technique, measurements, and mode of the game. If any of these qualities are not well enough, it may lead to an overall decrease in the durability of the product.

The Spalding 68395W Portable Basketball is a highly durable basketball hoop. The whole build quality of this hoop is well balanced. This ensures that a premium-quality hoop is obtained while maintaining a budget-friendly cost. In this hoop, strength is provided only where it is needed.


The material of a basketball hoop determines its strength as well as its weight and price. The 68395W NBA Portable Hoop has an amazing balance between all of them. Metal framing is provided for the hoops and the 54” backboard. This ensures to keep the system intact even during intense gameplay.

The pole and base are made from high-quality plastic. Such material is both cost-friendly and makes the hoop highly portable. As tensile strength is not required n these parts, only flexible material is provided. This also helps in keeping the basketball system lightweight for easy ground shifting.

Backboard and rim:

The backboard is one of the most important components of a basketball system. It determines the success rate by either assisting the player or deflecting even the most perfect shots. Plastic materials don’t provide enough rebound to the ball. This results in failure even for NBA professional players.

This quality doesn’t affect much during family entertainment play but has great disadvantages for practice. Software material provides way too much assistance and less rebound to the ball. This means that even Bank shots and layups will be successful shots. Because the backboard provides a way to the ball by softening the shot’s bounce, however, when the same shot is attempted on a different court, the results will be very much different.

The build material for the Spalding 54 Inch Polycarbonate Backboard Hoop is polycarbonate. It is a plastic material with glass-like properties. It has the strength of tempered glass but can’t be shattered due to impact. This also makes it highly weather resistant against cold and heat. This means that the system doesn’t need to be moved all the time.

This basketball system has a Slam-It Pro type Rim and is installed with an All-weather Nylon net. This makes the whole system resistant to harsh weather as well as rain. On the back of the rim lies a double-compression technology spring for dunks. This makes the Spalding 68395W NBA-grade,


The pole is 4 inch2 in width, which is the standard for any professional basketball system. This pole is angled so that it remains usable even on uneven surfaces. The height adjustment system allows for the pole’s height to be adjusted anywhere between the safe standard 7.5 feet to the NBA professional standard 10 feet. This height level depends upon the expertise of the players.

However, it is not suitable for children because the minimum height is 7.5’. At this height, it is almost impossible to make successful shots by the kids. Therefore, if you plan to play with your children, you should probably choose one of those youth portable basketball systems. They offer lower heights to ensure that the kid remains interested in the game. This also ensures that the game remains fair and square, and the kid gives you a tough time as well.


The base of a portable basketball is one of the most important components. It determines the stability as well as the portability of the system. If the material is too light, the hoop may fall down even during medium winds, and the risk of damage always persists in your mind.

The dimensions of the base (54 inches length,  34 inches width, and 7.5 inches depth) ensure that the center of gravity of the NBA Portable basketball hoop remains close to the ground at all times. The base can be filled with up to 40 gallons of water or sand to increase its self-weight. This keeps the pole highly stable during strong winds. If you have an average weight, you can even dunk on this hoop without the worry of any damage.


Which Backboard size should I get?

The backboard size choice is based on the playing area. 54” is best for a large driveway

Is the Backboard made of Glass?

No, it is made of polycarbonate that has the qualities of shatter-proof glass.

How much sand do I need to put in the base?

40 Gallons of water have the same volume as 12 Bags of sand.

Customer Review:

Glad I got this one, looked at several: Sturdy and easy to assemble (I had my son-in-law assemble) he does get frustrated easily.

No Pole-Pad: Nice court but did not come with the pole pad shown on the photo.


A portable Basketball hoop is one of the best sources of family entertainment. In this article, I provided an honest Spalding 68395W NBA Portable Basketball Hoop Review to help you out with your purchase.


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