Whenever human greatness is discussed in the NBA, rings are gonna be stated sooner or later. Following every NBA postseason’s conclusion, players from the winning team get a championship ring that honors their contribution. Indeed, the number of rings a player collects over their career is frequently utilized as a measurement for their eminence.

Most Championships Won As A Player

Even though championship rings can be utilized as a metric for success, it becomes obvious that champion rings correlate more strongly with a team’s strength. Just glance at how players in the Celtics dynasty rule this table:

Rank Name No. Of Rings Winning Team(s)
1 Bill Russell 11 Boston Celtics
2 Sam Jones 10 Boston Celtics
3 Tom Heinson 8 Boston Celtics
K.C. Jones Boston Celtics
Tom “Satch” Sanders Boston Celtics
John Havlicek Boston Celtics
7 Jim Loscutoff 7 Boston Celtics
Frank Ramsey Boston Celtics
Robert Horry Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs
10 Bob Cousy 6 Boston Celtics
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Milwaukee Bucks, LA Lakers
Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls
Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls
14 George Mikan 5 Minneapolis Lakers
Jim Pollard Minneapolis Lakers
Slater Martin Minneapolis Lakers, St. Lewis Hawks
Larry Siegfried Boston Celtics
Don Nelson Boston Celtics
Michael Cooper LA Lakers
Magic Johnson LA Lakers
Dennis Rodman LA Lakers
Ron Harper Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers
Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs
Kobe Bryant LA Lakers
Derek Fisher LA Lakers
Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs

It may be astonishing to see certain NBA legends such as Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, and Lebron James missing from this list. For reiterating, dominant teams’ members are those who finish up receiving the most championship rings.

Most Championships Won As Executive/Coach/Player Combined:

One thing that’s frequently ignored in such arguments is that championships are, in the end, a team success. By that, we denote that all executives, coaches, and players play a role in reaching the final prize in the NBA. When you take all of them into consideration, who finishes up as the individual with the majority of rings in NBA history? Well, that is what we will be glancing at today, and the answer might not be what you actually expect.

Heinsohn and Jones are grouped together because they were both a part of the Boston Celtics era that ruled the NBA in the sixties, and their careers were very similar, as you’ll soon see. However, Heinsohn left following the 1964/65 season, a year before the Celtics received their eighth title in a row.

His eighth ring as a player came back in 1956/57, his 1st year with the team; Jones was not there for back the 1957 title, but he was there for the complete eight-year run where he received his first eight rings.

You may be thinking why it says that both of them have ten rings when just eight are explained so far. After their playing careers were finished, both of them got into coaching and would, in the end, become head coaches for the Celtics in diverse periods.

Heinsohn led the team to another two titles back in 1972 and 1974, while Jones did that back in 1984 and 1986. Both remain much-loved figures in the history of Boston sports, and, glancing at their list of achievements, you cannot help but not to see why.

  • Pat Riley (9 Rings):

Nearly all this guy touched throughout his illustrious and long career around the NBA has become gold. He was a great player, a fantastic coach, and he’s an exceptional executive. A lot of individuals fairly regard him as one of the great minds in basketball.

The first ring of Pat Riley came back in 1972 when he played for the Lakers, then back in 1980, he received his second ring when he was an assistant coach for the Lakers, but his exceptional accomplishments came when he was put in control of things.

His occupation as the head coach for the Lakers marked the start of the Showtime era in Los Angeles. By the time his occupancy for the Lakers’ bench was finished, he had even more rings than he could actually fit on the one hand. Number 7, and almost certainly one of his favorites, came back in 2006 when he became the head coach for the Heat.

His work as a fantastic recruiter of superstars led to two more titles back in 2012 and then in 2013. While he received more rings than almost anybody in NBA history, he is a bit infamous for not taking great care of his rings. There is a pretty well-known story of Riley accidentally throwing away the rings received with the Lakers.

Luckily, he was equal to getting exact copies of such rings. Another well-known story involving his rings has to do with Chris Bosh and LeBron’s recruitments. As the story goes, he threw a bag filled with all his rings on the desk in front of both Bosh and James in their individual meetings and basically said to them, come to Miami if you desire this.

He even allowed Bosh to borrow his 2006 ring and told him to give it back when he received a ring of his own in Miami. Bosh received two rings with Miami, but as of 2016, he still had Riley’s 2006 ring. It would not be too much of a shock if Riley forgot about it and just acquired a replacement.

  • Phil Jackson (13 Rings):

The Zen Master’s name is bound to arise in any conversation on the best coaches of all time. After all, the man was at the three separate 3-peats helms and one of the best dynasties of all time in the Chicago Bulls.

He received his two rings as a player for the Knicks 1973 and 1970, but he’s far better recognized for his job as a coach. He was at the Chicago Bulls’ helm for both of their 3-peats between 1996 and 1998 and between 1991 and 1993.

The (in)famous Kobe and Shaq pairing in LA brought about another 3-peat where he was capable of using his legendary skills of managing player egos for keeping the team concentrated on the ultimate objective even with all the drama surrounding the team.

Jackson’s final two championships came throughout his second term as the head coach of the LA Lakers in 2009 and 2010. He was not extremely successful as an executive later on, but we do not think that troubles Jackson a lot since he really has nothing left to prove.

  • Bill Russell (11 Rings):

If you are asking who has the majority of rings in the history of the NBA as a player, Bill Russell is definitely undisputed in that area with a total of eleven rings. The majority of his rings came alongside Tommy Heinsohn and K.C Jones, two of the players already mentioned on this list.

Russell was playing and ruling throughout the 1956/57 season as well as throughout the entire eighth-title run between 1959 and 1966. However, it’s his last two rings that are a little more appealing, and that might even shake this list up, relying on how you glance at everything.

He got into coaching right away after his playing career. When the well-known Celtics coach Red Auerbach left, some applicants declined to take over for different reasons, but Russell accepted. He took over as the player-coach and the first black head coach in the history of the NBA.

His tenure brought about two more titles in 1968 and 1969. Since he acted as a coach and player simultaneously, an argument could be made that he ought to have thirteen rings in total, but we do not think that troubles Russell a lot since he already has more rings.

  • Red Auerbach (16 Rings):

The most decorated NBA franchise is the Boston Celtics, with seventeen championships and Red Auerbach was a part of sixteen of them. By now, you ought to already be well-known with Boston’s dominance throughout the late fifties and most of the sixties, where they got a total of nine titles with Auerback at the helm.

Well, right after his coaching career was finished, he became an executive for the team and received another seven titles between 1966 and 1984. It looks as if he was just meant for basketball greatness, and it’s unlikely that anybody will ever take his position on the throne of the NBA championship.