How to Get Better At Basketball Dribbling In One Week?

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Dribbling is a basic basketball skill that needs good timing, hand-eye coordination, and practice. Mastering the dribble can assist you in protecting the ball from the opponent and advance your ball to the hoop for scoring more and more points.

What’s Dribbling In Basketball?

As mentioned earlier, dribbling in basketball is a basic skill in which a player utilizes one hand for continuously bouncing the ball in the court. Dribbling assists you in controlling the ball, moving it toward the hoop, and making some distance between you and the defender.

In basketball parlance, it is recognized as ball handling, and a player moving the ball by dribbling is recognized as the ball handler. On the basketball squad, the opponent most accountable for dribbling is normally the point guard, a position that needs excellent ball-handling skills.

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Why’s Dribbling A Necessary Skill To Master?

Dribbling is an important skill for all basketball players to master because it permits you to advance your ball up the court toward the hoop for scoring points, which is the main objective of the game. Players with good dribbling skills can discourage defensive players from taking the ball, generate fast-break opportunities, and dribble away from the opponent for opening up a clean glance at the basket.

Dribbling assists you in controlling the ball
Dribbling assists you in controlling the ball

Quick Fixes For Better Handling Of The Ball:

These fixes can work as the keys to dribble better during the game. First of all, make certain you are dribbling using the finger pads. It’s pretty basic, but you would be astonished at how many players forget such a rule during the game.

Dribbling with the finger pads will give you the best control over your ball while dribbling. Never dribble using your fingertips or the palm of your hand. The way the basketball is put in the hands of a player while they dribble ought to be similar to the hand placement they utilize when they shoot the ball.

In place of smacking at your ball using the palm of the hand or carefully handling it using your fingertips, utilize the pads of the fingers for a little smoother push. Doing so makes sure that the ball will hit the court in the correct spot and come right back to you. The next tip engages pounding the ball a little harder. Keep in mind, the longer the ball is out of the hands, the simpler it will be for your opponent to take it away.

Utilizing Enough Force:

When you dribble your ball with even more force, it hits the court faster and also comes back to you faster. You will have even more control of your ball the less time it is out of the hands. Concentrate on training the muscle memory for using even more force. Regardless of the drills’ type you usually do, you ought to always dribble as hard as you can.

Getting A Little Low And Staying There:

It might sound simple, but getting a little low is more difficult than it sounds, and frequently, the lower player succeeds. As an offensive basketball player, you will desire to beat the opponent with your shoulder to their hip. But it is not simple.

You will have to concentrate on stability, mobility, and strength for being capable of moving and playing utilizing a much lower position. However, doing it is very important when it comes to controlling your ball like a professional basketball player.

What Is Dorsiflexion?

It is actually the backward flexion of your foot, so you are actually jumping and running off the ball of your foot, which is the most potent part of your foot. You might have heard this terminology utilized throughout a discussion about jumping and vertical sprinting.

For young basketball players, this concept might be a little hard to grasp, but basically, it involves making some moves and running on the balls of your feet as opposed to your toes. But dorsiflexion can make the moves of any player even more explosive. It can actually instantaneously increase the vertical jump of a player as well as their first step speed.

Concentrating On Footwork:

Managing the ball is all about changing speeds, directions, and mastering the footwork. When we mention footwork, we are referring to utilizing diverse types of moves, including scissor moves, crab dribbles, and hesitations for keeping the opponent on their toes. You do not need to be the fastest or the most athletic player. If you learn footwork, you can rapidly change up the moves and speeds and keep the opponent guessing.

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Dribbling Drills:

In the start, you learned how you could first dribble the ball using a single hand, then how you can alternate hands, progressing to even more advanced techniques. As a basketball player, a powerful and effective method of keeping your opponent on their toes is just to become a more intimidating offensive player.

It’s accomplished by improving the dribbling method. Learning how to power dribble can change how you play the ball completely. The fundamental power dribble engages dribbling the ball at an extreme rate. Throughout this time, the player keeps up their normal form and posture, but they utilize their muscles for forcefully thrusting the ball down.

We briefly touched on improving the handling of the ball by utilizing even more force, but for perfecting it and for getting the best control over the ball, you have to practice a few drills. The drills we have mentioned here will not just assist you in perfecting the dribbling, but they can also assist you in gaining the confidence and agility to handle the ball utilizing focus and sheer muscle power.

  • Crossovers:

Begin power dribbling utilizing the right hand and then bounce the ball rapidly to the left. Now, power dribble using the left hand for about 10 seconds before bringing the ball back to the right.

  • Fifteen-To-Five Repeats:

This challenging drill will work out power dribbling with just one hand at a time. Try power dribbling for around 15 seconds, and then switch to a little soft dribbling for 5 seconds. It ought to be repeated numerous times. It’ll teach your arm muscles how to switch between diverse dribbling speeds effortlessly.

  • Blindfold Test:

For this one, simply close your eyes or take a scarf and blindfold yourself. After that, try power dribbling the ball for around a minute; this drill can assist you in improving the tactile sense of your basketball. It can also be improved by trying it in the middle of the basketball court and walking while dribbling. Dribbling using two balls can make it even more exigent.

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Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Why’s Ball-Handling Skill Significant In Basketball?

Ball handling during a basketball game engages controlling the basketball, frequently utilizing dribbling and clever passing. Great ball handlers master the art of handling and moving the basketball utilizing both hands.

Q: What’s The Essence Of Stationary Drills In Basketball?

The stationary drills are the ones you do without moving your body. Such drills are significant for training youth on how they can dribble while keeping their heads up. These drills also boost the ball control’s sphere by developing confidence.

Q: What Is The Best Method To Train Young Basketball Players?

Young players are fun to train because they are impressionable, denoting that they are frequently willing and prepared for learning from you. However, note that their willingness to be skilled also denotes that they can simply pick up bad habits that might destroy potentially great players.

While there are some aspects at play, coaching young basketball players needs to be organized; spend some time planning the practice session’s activities and arrive before time for explaining them to the players. Most highly, keep in mind to keep everything enjoyable.


Start with only one or two of such workouts and then progress to some more challenging exercises once you feel that you have learned every drill. Moreover, such drills can also be personalized, so they are even more challenging by adding to the number of reps and sets.

How to get better at basketball dribbling is all about switching up the techniques and drills for continuing to challenge the body so you can enjoy faster and better outcomes.

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