How High Is a NBA Basketball Hoop and Why?

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Despite being a basketball lover, many of us will never know what it is like to dunk. The reason most people can’t dunk is the height of the hoop. All around the world, basketball rims are always 10 feet off the ground. The height of the NBA basketball hoop is also 10 feet. Though some leagues for young kids play on shorter hoops, the standard height for a basketball hoop is ten feet. When James Naismith, a Canadian Gym instructor, invented the basketball sport in the year 1891, he drafted the rules of the game and hung the peach basket 10 feet high.

How High Is a NBA Basketball Hoop:

James Naismith’s basketball sport:

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It was the year 1891 when James Naismith invented the sport. The first hoops that served in the running track at the YMCA gym in Springfield, Massachusetts, were the peach baskets. The game was played with nine players on each side (In modern basketball, there are five players on each side). They used a soccer ball as basketball was not invented at that time. The players were not allowed to dribble. They had to be stationary while having the possession of the ball.

How High Is a NBA Basketball Hoop

How was the height arrived at?

Basketball is a popular sport, so you might think that the standard height was decided after extensive consultations and a lot of calculations. Well, this isn’t the case. When James Naismith the peach basket on the first basketball court near the Springfield Teachers’ College, it was ten feet high, and since then, it became the standard height of the basketball hoop.

The peach baskets at that time were quite inconvenient as the players had to use ladders to retrieve the ball after the successful shots.


Attempts to change the height:

The basketball sport has grown and developed over the years, and if you think that the 10 feet height has gone unquestionable in these years, then you are at mistake. There were occasional calls to increase the basketball hoop height. The average height of an NBA in 1947 was 6 feet 2 inches. But when the player average height requirements by National Basketball Association were set at 6 feet 7 inches, People who were in favor of increasing the basketball hoop height gained incredible support.

Due to height advantage, the tallest guys are drafted in the teams, and this is a disadvantage for shorter guys. They have to rely on their skills to survive in the basketball court.

The question is a higher or a shorter rim!

Most professional basketball players are tall, and being tall is a great advantage in the basketball sport. Due to this, many have asked to raise the hoop, but higher rims mean fundamentals will be more crucial. If the height of the rims is increased, it would not be easy for the players to make shots. The physicality of the players will be less vital and, of course, the height as well. Also, it will be utterly unfair to the short guys.

Is there any end to raise the rim height? There will always be someone who can jump even higher. So, raising the basketball hoop height does not seem a good idea.

A Challenge for NBA to raise the height:

In 2008 the issue of increasing the height of basketball hoop came back. All the efforts to increase the rim height were unsuccessful, and then NBA all-star slam dunk competition started. Dwight Howard, a 6 feet 11 inches tall player, challenged the NBA officials to raise the rim height for twelve feet for his dunk.

Rudy Gay and Gerald Green both the players agreed to meet his challenge. In fact, Green suggested increasing the height of rim to 13 feet. The reason they did this was that they wanted to end the argument with a short player who always said that Dwight Howard has the incredible dunking ability just because of his height.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) did not pay heed to it and declared that the hoop height would remain 10 feet whither there is any dunk competition or not. They promised to raise the height to 12 feet in the following year’s dunk competition. And as expected, Howard went ahead to win 12 feet two-handed dunk competition.

Is there any change expected in the future?

Some journalists, coaches, and players are of the view that rim height should be increased. As a matter of fact, some of them have settled to a new height of 11. Some have suggested raising it to 12 feet too. But the NBA officials have not given any indication yet to increase the basketball hoop height. James Naismith’s impromptu decision to mount the peach basket 10 feet high is one of the few things of the original game to last to the modern game. Now only the time will tell whether the standard height will remain 10 feet or will there be any increase.


Basketball is indeed one of the most popular sports in the world. It is more popular in America, and every major American city has at least one basketball court. People have basketball courts in the backyards, garages, and driveways too. The standard height of the basketball hoop is 10 feet for 125 years, and there are no chances of raise in hoop height any time soon. NBA officials have not announced that they have any plans to change the height of the rim.

Young athletes dream of playing basketball like their role models. If you are one of those and want to perfect your skills, then make sure you play in a realistic setting. You can make your own basketball court at home too. Install a basketball hoop in the driveway or backyard to learn to dunk, and making successful shots. For kids, the height of the hoop varies according to their age. But for those who are in sixth grade then it is the right time to switch to the regular 10 feet basketball hoop.

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